Linked By Love Personalised Silver Bracelet

Libby Jubb Jewellery


This sterling silver bracelet is an ideal gift for a Mother or Grandmother. The names of children or other special names, words or dates are hand stamped in upper case onto rectangular tags and connected by handmade heart links. Each piece is handmade and made to order. When ordering, please specify (in Special Instructions to Seller on Shipping Cart) the names you would like and their order running left to right, with the clasp at the end.  4 tags is standard, however you can have 3 or 5 instead.  For 3, then extra hearts and links take the place of the tag.  For 5, the tags are smaller.  If you want to keep some or all of the tags blank for hand stamping at a later date, just let me know and I will include up to four.  Please state how long you would like the bracelet, if not stated, the length made will be between 19 - 20 cm, which is adjustable for the average wrist.

You can add all the information when ordering, in Special Instructions to Seller.  E.g. Tag 1: RICHARD, Tag 2: CHARLOTTE, Tag 3: DAVID, Tag 4: EMMA, Length: 22cm.  If you have any questions before ordering please do not hesitate to contact me.

There is also the option to have up to 4 birthstone rock chips added.  If this is the case, when writing  the name please include the month of birth/required stone next to it.   The birthstones stones I use are the following:-

January - Garnet,

February - Amethyst,

March Aquamarine,

April - Rock Crystal,

May - Blue Lace Agate,

June - Pearl,

July - Carnelian,

August - Peridot,

September - Lapis Lazuli,

October - Tourmaline,

November - Citrine,

December - Turquoise.

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