Care of Jewellery

Each piece is solid British 925 sterling silver which is prone to tarnishing so please try and keep your jewellery packaged away in its box when not being worn, ideally in acid free tissue paper. Avoid contact with make up, perfumes, creams on the skin and water or chlorine as these may cause the silver to blacken.

To clean the silver, I recommend buffing it with a silver polishing cloth and occasionally dipping it in silver dip (available at most supermarkets) Please do not prolong contact with the dip and thoroughly rinse your piece, ideally gently scrubbing with a soft toothbrush and some washing up liquid before thoroughly rinsing in hot water and dry with a soft cloth.

WARNING  Jewellery with fresh water pearls such as the crochet pearl cuffs and other porous birthstones should not be dipped in silver dip or polish.  Instead just use a soft toothbrush, and a gentle washing up liquid, and thoroughly rinse in hot water.