Rainbow Gemstone Silver Wire Crochet Bracelet

Libby Jubb Jewellery


A beautiful handmade sterling silver wire crocheted bracelet made with rainbow coloured semi-precious gemstones.  Every cuff made is a one-off and incorporates several metres of sterling silver wire which is hand crocheted.

AB Swarovski Crystals are added throughout the bracelet to create a touch of rainbow sparkle.  The bracelet measures approximately 2-3cm wide.  

List of Gemstones and their colours
January - Garnet (Deep Red), Carnelian ( glassy orange) Citrine (glassy light yellow gold) Peridot( glassy lime green)- Lapis Lazuli (Egyptian blue)Amethyst (Purple),  Aquamarine Light glassy turquoise),  Blue Lace agate (Soft blue),  Moonstone, - Tourmaline (glassy fuschia pink) Turquoise (cloudy turquoise)

£5 of every sale is donated to the Nell Bank Charitable Trust, Nell Bank provides day and residential experiences for schools and community groups across the full age and ability range.  The award winning activities and nationally significant inclusive facilities make it a top choice for learning outside the classroom. Due to the corona virus the centre has had to close it's normal operations for an indefinite period.  

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